Commvault ramps up ransomware protection

Commvault has added new ransomware protection and response services to its data security solutions.

The firm cited stats that show ransomware attacks continue to rise and that it costs 10 times the ransom payment to restore the data. 70% of ransomware attacks include a threat to leak exfiltrated data, and organisations that have been attacked experience about 21 days of downtime afterwards. 

"The hard costs of ransomware are astronomical," stated Ram Menashe, Vice President of Global Services at Commvault. "Most companies are not prepared to respond to an attack, and even less are planning ahead of time.

“Ransomware is growing exponentially as both a worldwide problem and an addressable threat.

"While we cannot guarantee our customers won’t be the target of an attack, we believe that by offering strategic protection plans we can support customers at any stage of a ransomware attack and do our best to help prevent it altogether."

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