Commvault ramps up channel activity

Commvault’s Head of Worldwide Partnerships Owen Taraniuk has confirmed that closer ties with large channel vendors, a simplified product line and improved internal operations have generated more business in the pipeline.

“We decided to become more partner-driven a year ago," he explained. "That meant a lot of changes in the organisation and how we go to market and the type of support we offer. We also recognised that we were too complex to deal with and had too many SKUs.”

Te upshot of these changes, says Taraniuk, is a better framework to support partners in areas such as pre-sales.
There have been some new appointments and a distribution strategy head is expected shortly.

Combined native offerings with Netapp and HPE have recently been announced, as a consolidated approach allows partners to buy from the price list directly, plus native integration all leading to new opportunities, claimed Taraniuk. 

"We need to be many things to the channel," added Taraniuk. "And we are doing that in licensing, leveraging, cloud and as-a-service. 

"Additionally, we have been working on the Commvault XaaS model and this will give a lot more flexibility. Enterprise customers are in multi-cloud fragmented environments - they will be able to use our technology with other alliances in the cloud in a more powerful way. This will be rolled out in the next year.”

"You will see us continue to evolve the go-to-market, particularly in cloud, and using AI and machine learning in data insights.”

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