Virgin Media O2 looks to drive Gen Z into telecoms roles

Virgin Media O2 has created 300 Field Engineer roles, including 100 apprenticeships, to provide jobs for digitally native young people looking for positions in technology and telecommunications.

Alongside YouthSight, Virgin Media O2 found that the Gen Z workforce believe the top skill they bring to the table is a strong grasp of technology (62 per cent), with 22 per cent interested in pursuing a career in tech and telecommunications.

The roles are offered with no prior experience needed and successful applicants given comprehensive on-the-job training. Of these positions, 100 are apprenticeships, with graduates earning a Telecoms Operative Level 2 Apprenticeship qualification on completion.

Nicola Moore, Director of People Partnering, Talent and Careers, said: “Our research shows that as true digital natives, Gen Z are drawn to careers in tech and engineering, but there is still a stark gender divide to overcome.”

Virgin Media O2’s findings also showed that in STEM, 35 per cent of men keen to pursue a tech career compared to just 8 per cent of women. 

Moore added: “We will continue to nurture and invest in talent as they enter the job market – and it’s so important that women know that this is absolutely a career path for them.”

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