Exponential-e breaks comms boundaries with Guinness World Records 

Cloud and network provider Exponential-e has migrated 200 Guinness World Records staff to Microsoft Office 365, connecting employees in six international offices and remote workers across 15 locations.

“To help staff across geographies work better together we needed a new solution," stated Rob Howe, Director of IT, Guinness World Records. 

"Moving to Microsoft Office 365 means that teams can access SharePoint and video from anywhere, which is important for many frequent travellers and remote workers."

Exponential-e MD Mukesh Bavisi added: “Companies of all sizes and across all sectors are seeking to bring more agility to their operations. 

"They want to demonstrate that IT is a strategic partner of the business, providing a platform for innovation and growth.”

Exponential-e has provided communication services to Guinness World Records for almost five years.

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