FluidOne launches Secure SD-WAN

FluidOne’s newly launched SD-WAN solution – which follows a link up with cyber security business Fortinet – integrates multiple technologies with next-generation security and network functions.
FluidOne CEO Russell Horton says the solution has gained early traction among organisations with distributed branches. 

“In discussing SD-WAN requirements with customers and partners it was clear that the key use case is a site or branch office with at least two forms of connectivity being able to proactively load balance and prioritise traffic on an application by application basis,” he said.

Horton noted that the solution provides increased granularity and sophistication over a standard SD-WAN and offers real-time threat intelligence and intrusion prevention, protecting businesses against advanced threats, malicious websites and hacking attempts.

“Secure SD-WAN combines public Internet access, dedicated private connectivity and secure cloud interconnects into one seamless network solution,” he commented.

“As businesses embrace digital transformation the need for alignment across network topology and mitigation against viruses and cyber attacks is of vital importance.  

“Businesses require the highest level of protection and strict security policies at all times.”

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