Wavenet eases transition to Microsoft Teams

Responding to the growing popularity of Microsoft Teams and an expected surge in cloud comms uptake, Wavenet has launched the TeamsLink package, available through its wholesale arm and designed to ease the adoption of Teams Calling features.

The bundled service includes Microsoft’s Direct Routing and Calling Plan services with unlimited talk-time.

"Microsoft Teams has become the go-to-app for collaboration and productivity, with the integration of Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint software and peripheral services within a single product," said Antony Black, Director of Wholesale. 

"With the addition of VoIP functionality, Microsoft Teams is set to become an even greater driving force in productivity.

"Figures from Gartner indicate that 40% of new enterprise telephony purchases are expected to be cloud-based by 2023. 

"Therefore, the rate of adoption is set to surge and Wavenet has designed the TeamsLink proposition to be scalable."

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