Call2Teams adds local survivability options

Call2Teams has added local survivability options to its voice-enabling Microsoft Teams cloud comms system. 

"A Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA), deployed at a customer’s site, provides Call2Teams’enterprise customers with a local backup element in the unlikely event of a network link or Microsoft 365 outage," said Mark Herbert, co-founder, and President of Call2Teams.

"During an outage, the SBA enables Call2Teams customers to continue to make and receive phone calls."

Qunifi, which developed and maintains Call2Teams, has partnered with SBA specialist Ribbon. 

Herbert added: “This addition is particularly suitable for enterprises that are in places where telecommunications services are less reliable.”

Patrick Joggerst, CMO & EVP Business Development, Ribbon, commented: “Across the world, the scale and scope of Teams deployments that include Microsoft Phone System continues to grow and drive the need for local resiliency.”

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