Rise in MSP IT services not matched by revenue uptick

The 2019 SolarWinds MSP Trends in European Managed Services research, just out, shows that managed services are nearly ubiquitous in the channel, with 97% of surveyed partners reporting some form of revenue-generating IT service offering. 

Bur they also report a levelling off of revenue and more modest profitability, and a gap in expertise.

The report suggests that service providers are being challenged in the areas of security and automation as they strive to improve the value and reliability of their practices, even as they push to scale their businesses to a wider clientele. 

The research also indicates that MSPs are confident in their abilities to deliver basic security solutions and services like antivirus and backup, but lack confidence in more complex offerings like auditing and penetration testing.

Fewer than one in four partners (23%) feel their managed services skills are expert level.

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