TAL continues to mop up customer bases with Neatley deal

Home Telecom, the consumer brand of Telecom Acquisitions, continues its run of strategic deals with the acquisition of Neatley’s base of TalkTalk and Vodafone customers.

Neatley will continue trading as part of the Intelling group and will continue adding customers in the future.

CEO Nigel Barnett said: “Funders are now actually taking into account the real numbers of homes connected into their forecast, which is a totally different number to the homes passed and really affects the drawdown of funds.

“So, watch this space. It is well documented that in just over three years we have added over 75,000 customers, I am reassured that only a handful of extremely well-funded altnets have more customers than our group.”

He states that the next three months will continue to see further acquisitions.

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