Sangoma bolsters UC with StarBlue buy

Sangoma has added to its enterprise communications service by snapping up StarBlue from VentureWave Capital in a $437m deal.
StarBlue was created in 2018 from the merger of Ireland-based Blueface and Floridian Star2Star and has since run a cloud collaboration platform.
Sangoma’s CEO Bill Wignall said: “Customers today are demanding an integrated buying experience for all their communications needs and the combination of Sangoma and StarBlue will satisfy that need.

“This transaction ensures Sangoma can meet any customer’s preference, be it for purely cloud solutions, or for on-premise deployments, or a hybrid combination, all the way from small businesses to large enterprises.”

Irish Private Equity group VentureWave Capital invested in Blueface in 2011.

Alan Foy, Chairman of VentureWave said: “The merger with Star2Star to form StarBlue, subsequent key partnerships, M&A and successful divestitures made this investment journey a rewarding and exciting one.”  

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