Barnett on the hunt for residential bases

Nigel Barnett has urged business owners who have negotiated mergers or takeovers during the pandemic not to underestimate the value of their residential customer bases.

The Global4 Group CEO has acquired eight telecoms companies in the UK operating under his Telecoms Acquisitions mantle. He now has his sights set on resellers keen to cash in on the home broadband customers they have signed up before or during the Covid-19 crisis.

“There is value in residential bases, however large or small and we have the resources to take them off a reseller’s hands,” said Barnett, whose telecoms brands now include Bulldog Broadband, Eclipse Broadband, Fleur Telecom, Flex Group, Home Telecom, Perfect Broadband and Weekly Broadband.

“There must be resellers out there sitting on residential bases that no longer fit into their mainstream activates due to changes in their circumstances. We have vast experience in the residential market having set up our first home connectivity business 13 years ago and we now have 55,000 customers.

“We would be happy to talk to any small reseller in strictest confidence about acquiring their residential base or setting up a joint venture,” added Barnett.

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