Tech trio come together to deliver tracking solution

The location and condition of packages in transit, previously an unknown quantity, is now common knowledge following the deployment of a solution created by a trio of tech partners.

A collaboration between connectivity and sensor specialist TE Connectivity, IoT whizz Hanhaa and distributor Avnet has come to fruition with an upgrade of ParceLive, a 4G and cloud-enabled solution which provides dashboards and reports in real-time on various measures including location, the orientation of the shipment, temperature and humidity levels, shock factors, while shipment breaches are triggered by light sensors when a parcel is opened.

"Billions of parcels are transported each year," said Christian Koehler, TE Connectivity Product Manager. "However, today's tracking landscape is patchy, unreliable and doesn't give a holistic view of the conditions of specific shipments, or more broadly of systemic inefficiencies or risks in the global supply value chain."

ParceLive incorporates a battery driven device in which multiple antennas need to function efficiently at minimal power consumption. 

Before the partnership with TE, ParceLive's antennas were unable to fulfill the required tasks under real-live conditions. ParceLive is now equipped with seven custom made sensors and 4G antennas.

"Hundreds of companies are adopting ParceLive tracking, particularly the automotive, pharmaceutical and luxury goods industries," said Hanhaa CEO Azhar Hussain. 

"There are already a number of use cases that are transforming how the logistic industry works, and improved insight is helping to combat a range of issues from customs delays to counterfeit goods."

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