Trenches Law helps toob navigate tricky wayleaves

Telecoms and technology-focused legal firm Trenches Law has been called in by altnet toob to aid the wayleave process slowing down its £8m full fibre roll-out network in Surrey.

toob recruited Trenches Law in 2019 to expediate the wayleaves process in Southampton and is now extending the partnership to Camberley and Frimley aiming to connect more than 20,000 premises in the area.

Wayleaves are required to install and maintain apparatus on privately owned land or property however the acquisition process remains time consuming and inefficient, highlights Trenches Law’s Wayleave Manager Katie Fosten (pictured).

She said: “Wayleaves never leave the industry’s headlines which only goes to show the difficulties they cause.”

Trenches Law’s Head of Wayleave Georhina Rudak added that the recently passed Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill was a step in the right direction but did not go far enough to simplify the process.

She said: “The Bill represents a landmark move but things remain far from straightforward without effective management of the process.”


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