Openreach updates next step in shift to all-IP

Openreach has stated its intention to no longer sell copper-based products in 118 exchange areas across the UK.

In a strategy update on its upgrade of the analogue phone network to all-IP the company said it will cease the sale of such products 12 months from June 2020.

"We’re planning to stop selling our legacy analogue services and instead focus on providing people with a modern, future proof full fibre connection that can deliver all manner of new digital services over the top," stated a spokesperson.
"Our recently updated target to build full fibre broadband to 4.5m homes and businesses by end of March 2021 (up from 4m) is part of the accelerated build plan.
"Full Fibre or ‘Fibre to the Premises’ technology (FTTP) will be available to more than 75% of homes in these locations by June 2021, as it makes no sense - both operationally and commercially, to keep the old and new network running side-by-side."  

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