Openreach hits 10 million premise milestone

Openreach’s full fibre network now passes 10 million homes, businesses and public services in the UK.

Through the 15bn infrastructure project, Openreah’s network is available to 9,000 medical facilities, 11,000 leisure and amenities centres, 13,500 educational spaces and nine million homes.

Openreach has also made fibre available to more than three million premises in the hardest to reach parts of the country and over three million in areas identified as a priority for levelling up.

The incumbent also targeted the top 25 areas identified by the Social Mobility Commission as least socially mobile, providing fibre to 409,000 premises in these areas.

Research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research suggest that the rollout could bring a £72bn boost to the output of the UK economy in 2030, the equivalent of 294,960 new SMEs being created across the country or adding 25 new businesses in every local council in the UK.

The ability to work from home may also bring 431,000 new workers into the workforce by 2026.

Clive Selley, CEO at Openreach, said: “With this upgrade, we can improve the lives of people in the UK, offering economic opportunities, alleviating social challenges and creating the foundation for life-changing technology.

“Now we’re focused on the next phase of our build. Our engineers are building across the country and we already have plans in place that will see full fibre broadband reach over 25 million premises.”

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