Ofcom kicks off wholesale telecoms review

Ofcom has kicked off its review of the regulations that will apply to the UK wholesale telecoms markets from April 2026 until March 2031.

The Telecoms Access Review 2026 will replace the regulation that applies to fixed telecoms markets, set by the Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review 2021.

The regulation underpins broadband and business connections, and the connections used by communications providers to support their services.

It is designed to set the right environment to promote competition and investment in gigabit-capable broadband, to deliver better services and more choices to consumers.

It will also look to continue to promote efficient commercial deployments to further extend coverage in the remaining, harder-to-reach areas.

Ofcom expects to publish its main consultation on proposals for regulation early next year, with a view to publishing a final decision in early 2026.

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