Neos invests in last mile network expansion

Neos Networks is investing in a network expansion programme across four major UK cities, to bring last-mile services directly to over 30k businesses.

Deployment is underway with the company’s first access network scheduled to come onstream in Liverpool at the start of next year.

‘Project Edge’ will also see two more regional Metro Access Networks serving businesses in Birmingham and Manchester go live from the middle of 2022, with the City of London intended to come on stream in February 2023.

Neos expects the expansion to bring fibre connectivity within the reach of almost 10k locally based businesses and offices across the first three cities and a further 23k businesses in the capital.

Sarah Mills, MD of Wholesale and Smart Infrastructure, said: “Regionally based businesses and offices, of all sizes and across all sectors, need access to the highest available quality of connectivity if they are to keep pace with their national and international competitors.

“The UK lags behind many of its European neighbours in terms of business fibre access, but with Project Edge we aim to help UK businesses to catch up and truly compete, not just on a level playing field, but on one tilted in their favour.”

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