Glide reports 'significant' channel growth

In a trading update infrastructure and utilities business Glide has reported significant gains in the UK wholesale channel market over a short period of operation.

The firm started from scratch just over a year ago and now has more than 300 partners using its fibre network. 

Glide is billing a 'significant amount' per month with 183 partners, a figure which continues to grow  month-by-month, said the firm. 

Daniel Alvarez, Head of Wholesale, stated: “We first started approaching the reseller channel 14 months ago and it is great to see what our team have achieved in such a short time.

“In the next three to five years, copper services are forecast to be cut off, meaning it is essential for the wholesale channel to fibre-proof businesses now before it is too late.

"With the confirmation of the £5bn in Government grants to enable fibre provision, it really is time for resellers to start future proofing broadband for their clients before somebody else does.”

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