Full fibre key to Project Speed success 

The role of full fibre in the success of the Government's Project Speed infrastructure build plan outlined this week cannot be overstated, according to Greg Mesch, CEO of CityFibre.

“Project Speed will not find a faster technology than full fibre infrastructure to support the country’s recovery," he stated. 

"Our multi-billion pound shovel-ready build programme is already well underway which will allow CityFibre to create up to 10,000 jobs up and down the country. 

"From Bradford to Southend, Doncaster to Ipswich and beyond, the opportunity is there for full fibre to create a new agile, green and balanced economy where nobody is left behind. 

"What the UK needs now is the Government to put in place the right policy and regulatory conditions to level up our digital infrastructure and unlock a new platform for success.”

Daren Baythorpe, CEO of full fibre network operator ITS, added: "Connectivity has been vital for businesses to continue to operate during lockdown and will play a critical role in the country's economic recovery as we navigate the new normal."

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