Fibrecast links up with CityFibre in Dundee

Fibrecast is the latest consumer ISP to jump on CityFibre’s full fibre network and will provide Gigabit speed services to homes and businesses in Dundee.

CityFibre has invested £40m into its Dundee rollout and hopes to bring full fibre within reach of every home and business in the region.

Fibrecast founder Kieran Paton said: “For years consumers in Dundee have become weary of crude and neglected broadband infrastructure but thanks to CityFibre’s new full fibre network, Dundee is being offered the chance to leap into the future.”

Allan McEwan, City Manager at CityFibre, added:This is fantastic news for the almost 20,000 people across the city who can already access our network as it means they will have further choice when upgrading their broadband package to full fibre.”

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