CityFibre calls up armed forces 

Army veterans and reservists could play a key role in advancing the UK's charge towards Digital Britain, according to CityFibre which aims to recruit a wave of fibre infrastructure builders from a pool of army trained personnel.

In ramping up this strategy CityFibre has signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, enabling it to offer work or apprenticeship opportunities to this part of the Armed Forces community. 

Drew Jeacock, Head of Engagement for Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for Greater London, said: “CityFibre has pledged specific steps to ensure the Defence community is not disadvantaged and that it recognises the transferable skills that reservists and veterans bring to the workplace."
CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch added: “Infrastructure projects of this scale require a wide range of skills but many of those can be found in the men and women who have trained and served in the Armed Forces. 

"By signing the Armed Forces Covenant, CityFibre will be able to tap into a community of people who are highly skilled, disciplined and have all the qualities we are looking for to help deliver Britain’s full fibre future."

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