BNS inks distribution deal with JPL Telecom

BNS Distribution has sealed a distribution partnership with headset maker JPL Telecom. 

JPL and Grandstream confirmed compatibility on certain products in March 2018 enabling BNS to offer a combination of the two vendors.

James Clarke, founder and CEO of JPL Telecom, said: “We wanted to make sure that BNS Distribution’s customers have more options when it comes to their telecom headsets. 

"JPL Telecom is also releasing more products – a new UC wireless DECT headset with four patent pending designs, a new concept design, more USB headsets and complementary accessories.”
Lee Sinclair, Sales Director at BNS Distribution, added: “Headsets are the main way that many users interact with their IP phones, therefore it is imperative for us to offer out-of-the-box headsets that seamlessly pair with the Grandstream phones.”

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