CGI fronts satellite project for DCMS

CGI has been chosen by the DCMS, the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency to develop a demonstration of hybrid satellite communications and terrestrial networks for use on trains.

The project aims to explore the integrated use of 5G in transport and logistics and demonstrate that constellations of communication satellites can fill gaps in terrestrial coverage.

Mike Rudd, Head of Telecommunications, UK Space Agency, said: “Satellites play a vital role in keeping people connected, but they can also help keep us safe by providing reliable communications links between trains, drivers and operators.”

Shaun Stretton, SVP, UK & Australia Space Control and Information Solutions at CGI, added: “In today’s world, consumers have come to rely on ubiquitous access to the internet and losing a mobile signal on a train journey is no longer an acceptable inconvenience.”

The project, Satellites for Digitalisation of Railways (SODOR), will deliver improved on-train communications, IoT sensor solutions to support connected train monitoring and an operations and management portal.

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