Data-driven strategies shoot up the channel's agenda

A survey of 500-plus partners across nine countries highlighted their readiness to adopt a data-driven approach despite the challenges, with 97% seeing data as important in their journey towards an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) future.
But access to the right data was cited as their biggest obstacle in the drive for recurring revenues, with 56% of UK-based respondents highlighting this as an issue. The handling of multiple diverse data types emerged as partners’ biggest practical challenge.

“Our biggest challenge with data is the volumes we receive," said Samuel Cordery, Head of Sales Operations, Client Success and Lifecycle, at UK-based ITGL. "Data resides in so many different places and it often conflicts.”
Nearly all UK-based respondents (94%) identified data capabilities as a key investment priority for the coming year, compared to a global average of 95%, with 71% stating that they already have an in-house data and analytics function as a foundation (global average, 70%).
To emphasise the growing importance of data within the channel, more than half of those surveyed in the UK (53%) strongly agreed that the future of distribution lies in the provision of meaningful customer and market insights (global average, 59%).
“Our research clearly shows that while partners see data as central to their transition to recurring revenue models, many are grappling with practical challenges around access to data and data utilisation,” said Patrick Aronson (pictured), Chief Marketing Officer and APAC Executive Vice President at Westcon-Comstor.

“Application of data and attitudes to it vary across different geographic markets, but one universal theme is that partners want to enhance their data capabilities and embed a truly data-driven approach as they aim to unlock growth opportunities.

"It is incumbent on those across the channel ecosystem, including distributors, to equip partners with the data and analytics they need to seize new growth opportunities and complete their journey to a subscription, software and services-based future.”

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