UK plc using tech to transform culture

Senior technology decision makers feel technology implementation can be used as a tool to both reinforce (77%) and change (82%) culture within their organisation, finds research from Telstra.

The survey looks at the relative importance of technology and culture in business transformation, finding that prioritising both can increase revenue by 44% next year.

Respondents stated that technological change (43%) was the most important driver of successful business transformation whilst 36% of technology decision-makers placed people and culture top

Telstra highlighted an uncertainty on the nature of interplay between technological, people and cultural change, with 21% suggesting that changing culture enables the adoption of technology, whereas 19% suggested that it is technological implementation that drives cultural change.

Furthermore 19% believe implementing technology and changing culture should be done in tandem to deliver purposeful business transformation.

 Rob Robinson, Head of Telstra Purple EMEA, said: “Our research shows that without proper consideration of people and culture, digital transformation is destined for failure. At the very least, there is a high risk of a protracted transformation and marginal gains from what should be a facilitator of enormous benefits for the business.

“At a time when we’re facing significant economic uncertainty and the threat of a global recession is looming large on the horizon, it is essential that employees are empowered to deliver value for their organisation.

“Designing transformation strategies with people in mind is invaluable to achieving your goals.”

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