ISDN switch off ‘panic’ rife in Germany 

The ISDN shutdown in Germany, planned for December 31st 2018, has sparked panic among many firms that did not prepare early enough for the switch off, observes Axel Klössner, COO and International Business Director at German vendor Auerswald (which also operates the FONtevo brand). 

Germany is one of the first countries to switch off traditional analogue and ISDN trunk lines and according to Klössner UK comms players would do themselves a big favour by acting now to offset potential customer issues ahead of the UK’s ISDN switch-off in 2025.

“A number of German businesses that were not aware of this change and how it affects them are in a state of panic as they heavily rely on their ISDN service to function,” he stated. 
“This can drive business owners to make quick decisions about something which could have a long-term costly impact on their sustainability.”

In the run up to Germany’s shutdown 60,000 telephone lines have been converted each week, pointed out Klössner. “So start now and don’t be impacted by the end of service rush that will ensue,” he urged. 

“Ensure the pathway to the switch-off is clean and simple for your customers. They probably won’t know why this change is important to them.

“Retain customers now by introducing attractive pricing and product bundles to help them make the transition earlier, and build relationships with open architecture SIP handset and system providers to lessen the chance of churn further down the line. The SIP market is said to reach over $10bn by 2020, so get it right first time.”

Klössner also urged UK resellers to ensure their customers fully understand the capabilities of their current telephone system, and hammer home the message that the alternative is a SIP-based solution.

“Educate your customers on the flexibility and efficiency of new functions from migrating to a SIP solution,” he added.

Auerswald kicked off a UK and Ireland reseller recruitment campaign this summer following an exclusive tie-up with distributor SOS Communications to supply the FONtevo range of PBX and SIP solutions.

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