Comms Vision 2019: Leading the charge to Digital Britain with military precision

Comms Vision was joined by Colonel Tim Collins OBE, who brings military precision to teamwork, leadership and motivation, on which he is a pre-eminent authority. 

In his session, Collins put a spotlight on the parallels that exist between business leadership and military problem solving, and showed delegates how to hone and improve their strategic planning. 

His words are as inspiring as they are thought provoking, so much so that a copy of his speech to British troops of the 1st Royal Irish Battle Group in Iraq on the eve of battle in 2003 hangs in the White House Oval Office. 

For this historic rallying call he is known worldwide, and the strength of his address to Comms Vision delegates helped them to lead, plan and achieve their own transformational business objectives in Digital Britain.

Collins showed that there is huge value in marshalling straightforward but effective leadership techniques, ones that match strategy to desired outcomes, and when taken together will deliver on expectations.

"Firstly, figure out what you do and what you are for," stated Collins. "It never hurts to think about this, and provides greater focus to your strategic thinking on what you want to achieve. Are you just firing the guns or trying to hit something?

"Then, get your organisation right. Do you need a new department to cater for new and different operations? What needs to be done to fit the company to evolving market conditions? And get the right people in the business. Some talent will exist in the organisation, but you may need to buy some skills in. Find people with the right attitude because capabilities can be taught and developed."

What also emerged is that leaders must engender the right spirit in their people. "They should feel ownership and loyalty, and care about the organisation," added Collins. "Motivate people and make them feel valued. They want order and certainty, and it is important that they see fairness and are appreciated."

The issues are also about messaging. "Communicate instructions clearly," advised Collins. "Things go wrong when leaders do not say clearly what they want to achieve nor spell out peoples' role in reaching objectives. Then step back and let them get on with their tasks. 

"Delivering success is about being the person who tells the team what they want to achieve, surrounds themselves with the best people, and is not afraid to let them get on with it."

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