Vast cloud-native marketplaces driving ‘big three’ growth

The ‘big three’ hyperspace clouds, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, are seeing growth driven by their third-party marketplaces, according to research by enterprise search specialist Sinequa.

Its research found that 93% of cloud enterprise professionals were drawn to these three services due to the makeups of their marketplace with 90% planning to purchase further products.

Adrien Gabeur, VP Cloud at Sinequa said: ““Our research has found that the large third-party marketplaces offered by the ‘big three’ clouds are not only a convenience for users but also driving the growth of these hyperscale clouds. 

“The cloud has grown beyond its original selling point of scalable infrastructure at a low price point. It is now about having all the services you need to run and grow your business, and this is thanks to the convenience of the cloud-native marketplaces. This is what cloud customers desire.”


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