Wavenet unites sales teams at F1 event

Wavenet teamed up with Wildix to bring its mid-market sales teams up to pace with new customer opportunities by staging a motivational event at the F1 Arcade simulation venue in central London.

According to Wavenet Regional Director Martin Leonard, the event presented an opportunity to unite the dispersed sales teams from the fast-expanding comms provider under one roof.

“With all the acquisitions we have made, we now have offices and sales teams across the country, so we were delighted when Wildix agreed to be the main sponsor of this pilot event. Wavenet mid-market sales teams manage a large proportion of the Wavenet client base so it’s important for us to get together and see how we can grow organically and cross-sell.”

Wavenet’s top mid-market sales performers were recognised at the event and presentations from Wildix and additional sponsors ITS, Microsoft and Tech Data gave the teams insights into new cloud technologies and market prospects.

“Wildix’s solutions have always generated positive results for our business and most importantly our customers. Their bulletproof WebRTC platform is as close to an on-prem PBX as you can get. It’s highly reliable and the regular software updates help maintain our position ahead of the game as we have never had an unhappy customer who uses their services,” added Martin Leonard.

“This event was made possible due to the high levels of business written between Wildix and Wavenet. Our partnership with Wavenet has helped generate various funding and enabled us to support events like this,” said Wildix Senior Channel Manager Rob Loakes (pictured).

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