Nimans' Major Accounts division witnesses 48% sales hike

An uptick in the performance of Nimans' Major Accounts division is a sign of the distributor's growing influence in the UC, IT and end point arena and also reflects the strategic vision of Colin McGregor who spearheads the business unit.

He was formerly MD of Tech Data (Azlan) and took charge of Nimans' Major Accounts operation six months ago, a move that helped to catalyse annual sales by 48%.

According to McGregor the sales hike is not attributable to a simple 'wallet shift' as Nimans' Compendium IP end point management solution has enabled resellers to more easily secure UC deals, he claims.

Yet amid these advances McGregor has identified an important shortfall in resellers' approach to making the most of the UC opportunities they face.

"With UC implementations partners are leaving 20-30% of revenue on the table in terms of headsets and other devices, which form the final and most important link in audio performance," stated McGregor.

"Millions of pounds can be spent on systems and infrastructure but cheap headsets undermine everything else. It's one of the biggest surprises I've experienced.

"Not only are resellers allowing their customers to buy online, worse still their competitors can come in and quote on headsets and then get their feet under the table for everything else."

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