Symposium spotlights impact of AI and NLP tech

Content Guru is preparing to stage the 'brain Artificial Intelligence Symposium' at the Natural History Museum in London on January 24th.

The event will explore the future of AI and technologies like chatbots and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and their impact on customer engagement.

Speakers include Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE, President of the British Science Association and presenter of the BBC4 programme The Joy of AI; Peter Cochrane OBE, futurist and former CTO at BT; Inma Martinez, CIO at Right Brain Future and Independent Technology Advisor to the EU Technology Commission; and Alan Coad, MD UK&I at Google Cloud.

Sean Taylor,co-founder and Global CEO of the Redwood Technologies Group, commented: “AI is set to be a game changer for businesses across every industry and companies are faced with the huge task of adapting to the increasingly complex communication needs of their customers. 

"By 2020 there will be seven billion consumer devices with AI-powered digital assistants and 85% of customer interactions will be automated, so it is more important than ever to keep up to date with the latest AI developments and trends."

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