Legacy billing market 'ripe for disruption'

Too many resellers are being held back by inflexible, ageing and legacy-based billing systems, claimed Tekton MD Terry McKeever, who said the traditional billing market is 'ripe for disruption'. 

"Billing platforms need to be adaptable and, unlike the legacy systems of the past, good at billing all types of products," he stated.

"In the current market and with the roll out of 5G, resellers must cater for and bill a whole range of telephony solutions with incredible variation.

"A cloud platform therefore needs to be securely hosted, GDPR compliant, flexible, versatile, and most importantly offer partners convergent billing of multiple services and networks."

According to McKeever there is too much misplaced 'integration for the sake of integration' in the marketplace. 

"The goal of integration is to enhance the efficiency and productivity of operations, which must be at the forefront of our minds," he added.

"Any billing provider must ensure that the development of its integration capabilities fulfils this criterion, fully supporting the end user through both its design and implementation."

Also top of mind for billing providers, observed McKeever, is real-time call data within a margin analysis suite, UX-led designs for apps, customer self-care functionality, and immediate or near real-time access to billing history and records.

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