Jola targets mobile dealers with billing solution

The confluence of two revenue-shrinking trends experienced by mobile dealers has prompted Jola to launch a fully managed white label billing solution for JolaMobile packages based on Union Street's aBILLity platform.

"Mobile dealers are seeing a surge in demand but those operating on a commission basis with the networks are seeing financial rewards diminish as more customers move to SIM-only and legislation mitigates overage charges," explained Jola MD Andrew Dickinson. 

"Dealers also risk losing control of the relationship with their end users. Many want to switch to a resale model but are put off by the complexity and cost of billing systems. JolaBilling addresses these prohibitive issues and  our team does the legwork for partners."

Dickinson explained that the billing platform can be programmed to invoice products and data can be pre-loaded. The system provides real-time analysis and fraud prevention with a data export facility to common accounts software.

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