Billing systems vital to growth

That modern billing systems are becoming vital platforms for business growth is a proposition strongly advanced by Tekton.

The company, which launched its Zoey billing platform to the channel in June this year, provides resellers with margin management and enhancement tools which the firm claims are a boon to resellers seeking to boost revenues. 

"In the current race to offer connectivity at the lowest price possible it has become increasingly difficult for providers and resellers to increase their revenue while staying competitive," stated Tekton MD Terry McKeever. 

In this environment, according to McKeever, it is key for billing systems to reduce the time required to qualify margins, whether by customer, CLI or network, and push data analysis to the limit.

"A granular overview of the customer base and insightful and actionable usage data enables partners to discover new products and services as well as develop existing ones, with accurate and detailed buyer personas created based on existing customer behaviour," added McKeever.

The Zoey billing platform’s integration with main network APIs also creates the conditions for an automatic notification system that enables users to comply with Ofcom's new rules to limit mobile bills.

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