Call for greater innovation in visual engagement tech 

A global study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by LogMeIn has thrown a light on how visual engagement technology can solve top CX priorities in an increasingly remote world. The research also highlighted end user concerns that could hamper investment plans. 

The study surveyed 300 decision makers across customer experience, ecommerce and digital innovation and found that the majority (89%) are looking to invest in visual engagement technologies in the next 12 months as an alternative to traditional CX tools, to help them create more personal, trustworthy and secure customer experiences. 
Visual technologies such as co-browsing and screen share are now more popular than messaging apps/social media for creating seamless and trusted customer experiences, but there is still a long way to go, noted the research.

Current tools are causing security concerns, with respondents noting that their visual engagement tools require the customer to download software or an app (70%), do not support mobile apps (62%), or don’t mask the customer’s private or personal data (58%).

“The recent dramatic shift to remote customer engagement and limited in-person interactions has pushed digital transformation as a top priority for every company," stated Anand Rajaram, Head of Product, Support Solutions at LogMeIn.

"Brands must close the digital divide and bring more personal customer interactions to the online experience.

“Visual engagement technology is a highly effective way to do this, but because of the absence of innovation in this area, many existing tools lack the features that are crucial for reducing customer effort and building trust. In other words, agents are often left without the resources to help them both understand the customer’s issue and guide them through a resolution.”

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