Vodafone UK opens London digital hub

5G could boost London’s economy by £30bn by 2030 claims Vodafone UK, driven in the main by productivity gains.

The network operator also sealed a deal with Transport for London to bring its network to the Jubilee line, and opened its new digital hub in the capital, a multi-million investment in Southwark a new tech site called The Speechmark housing 1,000 employees.
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (who opened the tech hub) stated: “London is on track to become the world’s leading smart city, and the move to 5G has the potential to make the capital a global trailblazer in civic innovation."

Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery added: “5G will enable a whole new generation of digital services capable of improving transportation, housing, and connectivity across the capital.

"5G will transform the way we live, how and where we do business, and improve how productive we can be at work.

"From digital buildings and autonomous vehicles, to emergency response infrastructure, where cloud systems can run AI applications and power continual information sharing between onsite, office, and support teams - the potential benefits of 5G’s high bandwidth and low latency connectivity are limited only by our imagination."

Vodafone says it invests around £1m per week upgrading network capacity across London.

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