VMO2 reinforces commitment to rural connectivity

A VMO2 study published by Cebr shows that access to excellent digital connectivity in rural areas could add an extra £65.1bn to the UK economy and increase employment by 6.8%, creating 284,000 new jobs.

The Great Rural Revival report reveals that across the UK, the East of England would benefit most from digital connectivity upgrades, unlocking a £12bn boost for the region’s economy. The south west and Wales would also be significant beneficiaries.

In the rural tourism sector, the report shows that improved connectivity could result in a 9.9% increase in turnover, equating to an extra £842m per year.

Following these findings, VMO2 has partnered with the Welsh Government and Wavemobile, to target historic not-spots, starting with South Stacks, a nature reserve in Wales.

The area is now being served by a network of low-earth orbit satellites, providing backhaul services to a Wavemobile radio, bringing a reliable and high-speed mobile network to the area.

Jeanie York, CTO at VMO2 said: “Through working closely with industry partners, the UK Government, planning authorities and landowners, we can deliver the essential network upgrades that will help to bridge the rural-urban connectivity divide.”

VMO2 recently expanded its 4G network to an additional 50 sites across rural communities, bolstering coverage across an area covering almost 2,200km.

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