Pangea secures critical NHS 5G partnership

Pangea has secured a partnership with NHS Croydon to support its 5G Project for the emergency services as it reaches trial stages. 

Pangea’s System Architect Dr Arslan Usman (pictured) will work with NHS Croydon’s Dr John Chang to finalise the technology before it’s trialled in ambulances early next year.

The project uses 5G’s ultra-reliability and low latencies to keep ambulances connected while on the move. 

The solution includes resilient 5G video streaming tech developed by Kingston University, which doctors can use to triage patients in real-time before they arrive at hospital. 

Dr John Chang, Director of Research Enterprise and Innovation, stated: "Triage is a process where every second counts - even minor delays can be the difference between life and death.

"With reliable 5G connectivity and video that’s accurate to the millisecond, we’ll be able to diagnose patients in transit, advise ambulance crews on how best to treat patients, and prepare crucial on-site treatments ahead of time." 

Usman added: "Croydon Health Services’ knowledge and resources will be vital, especially now as we begin trialling the technology.

"And of course the solution is being built for the NHS, so having its feedback throughout the process will help us turn our research into the perfect product for them.

"The solution platform will come out of development early next year, as soon as that happens trials will begin. Pangea will provide a handful of ambulances with access to the solution and their 5G routers, monitor their progress and work with their feedback to fine-tune the technology."

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