Pangea called on to deliver 5G insights

Pangea is set to deliver a 5G keynote at the upcoming Wireless World Research Forum in Greece on 31st January, focused on IoT and connectivity opportunities in eHealth.

Following the progress of Pangea’s 5G Project, its MD Dan Cunliffe has been invited to deliver a keynote on bringing 5G connectivity to healthcare systems. 

He’ll be joined by Systems Architect Dr Arslan Usman, who’s heading up its 5G Project. 

The keynote will focus on the ultra-reliable and low latency aspects of 5G, what kind of healthcare AI and IoT applications they enable, and the steps to realising them.

"With the next stage of the Project coming up and some pivotal tests around the corner, it’s an exciting time in our 5G story," said Cunliffe.

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