Wireless better than fibre in rural rollout says Curvalux

The UK government’s plan to boost the nation’s connectivity would be achieved must faster and with less cost if wireless technology was employed for rural areas, Curvalux CTO Nir Barkan tells Comms Dealer.

He said: “Wireless is far less regulated as you do not need to pass through properties. This is useful in rural communities where you find listed buildings and also geographical features like farmland, streams, hills, and mountains which make it more difficult to build fibre.

“Technology is moving so fast and wireless also future-proofs an area. Unlike fibre infrastructure, wireless technology can be updated easily.

The government may be looking at the kind of hybrid rollout that Barkan suggests, having signed a memorandum of understanding with OneWeb earlier this year to explore the role of Low Earth Orbit satellites in rural connectivity.

Curvalux has selected Sheffield in the UK as its research and development base since March 2020. The company offers  Fixed Wireless Access solutions for the last mile, complementing fibre rollouts with wireless connectivity. The Curvalux phased array multibeam systems deliver multi-gigabit broadband in rural and suburban areas.

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