Wildix serves up £44k Xmas boost to Ukrainian Cultural Centre 

European UC provider Wildix has raised over £44k for the Ukrainian Cultural Centre (UCC) headquartered in Estonia by forgoing company Christmas dinners across the globe. 

The UCC distributes money to organisations working in Ukraine and Wildix's donation will help the military supply warm clothing and medical supplies to troops, help children who have lost one or both parents during the fighting and support the provision of medical supplies to hospitals from Odesa to Mykolaiv. 

“Christmas is a time of giving and joy,” said Dimitri Osler, Wildix co-founder and CTO. “However, for many in Ukraine, it’s a time of fear. It didn’t seem right to be celebrating when so many people we know and love are under attack. 

"By donating the money that we would’ve spent on Christmas celebrations we can help alleviate some of the pressure on ordinary Ukrainians this winter and provide another reason to hope.” 

The UCC has previously provided prostheses and surgeries to those in need, including those who were hurt during the 2014 Maidan riots. It also provides assistance to those disabled or the families of those killed in the current conflict. 

Steve Osler (pictured above), co-founder and CEO of Wildix, added: “Russian aggression is something that we’ve condemned strongly in the past and continue to do so, and this money will help those in the country get food, clothing, care and warmth.”

The focus on Ukraine is nothing new for Wildix. Its research and development centre opened its doors in 2007, and it has had a continuous presence in Odesa since. 

During the initial military build up and invasion, Wildix ensured those Ukrainians who wished to leave the country could do so and supported them through the process. Many now live throughout Europe. 

“Wildix is first and foremost people-orientated,” said Roberta Terranova, Global HR Manager for Wildix. “With this donation, we’re helping the people of Ukraine to build towards a better future and help secure the future for their children. At this time of year, we’re all looking to see what good we can bring into this world, and I’m pleased that we’ve made this small sacrifice to help others.”

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