The exit conundrum. When, why, how?

Adrian Barnard met former Union Street owner Tony Cook, who has recently exited the business in a deal with DWS company Aurora and will quiz him on his reasons for departure, how he built value in his business, the process of exit he has been through and ‘handing on the baton’.

Is there still a love affair between private equity firms and the telecoms sector?

David Barbour is joint Managing Partner and co-founder of FPE Capital, a specialist technology and IT services investment firm. In a discussion with Adrian Barnard, he advised on the benefits of Private Equity investment for technology and telecoms entrepreneurs and management teams seeking to grow their businesses.

The mystery of multiples

In his presentation Adam Zoldan, founder and director of Knight Corporate Finance talked about how companies are valued, why it is so difficult to compare your business to comparable deals in the sector and what to look out for when valuing your own business.

Market overview and impact of COVID-19

At the ICT Investment Forum 2020, Phillip Carse, Chief Analyst at Megabuyte gives a Macro market view, focused on the highs and lows of the pandemic storm, predicting where the ICT industry is heading, the amount of deals reporting on new buyers and any exceptional sale values.