Taylor alerts channel to UC&C 'explosion'

An upcoming 'big explosion' in the UC&C space will be a major threat for the comms industry, warned Voiceflex Sales & Marketing Director Paul Taylor, citing the growth in usage of MS Teams and Workplace by Facebook as prime drivers of change.

Taylor raised a red flag to alert resellers not yet considering UC&C as part of their future strategy to take immediate action. "The threats are coming from a different direction, leading with UC&C with voice as an option," he stated. 

"If you’re not looking at UC&C now it needs to be on your agenda for 2020. The market is fast moving, and the opportunity could pass you by, so don’t get left behind."

According to Taylor, the channel has time enough to prepare for the next wave. "When ISDN stops being sold we will see more of a change taking place and a real motivation to move completely over to SIP and hosted. 

"There’s a massive untapped market for UC&C and the channel is well placed to take advantage, building on its already colossal voice experience."

In this, says Taylor, education is key. "There are many UC&C applications we use in our personal lives which are transferable into the business arena," he added.

"APIs and AI is far easier to programme and deploy, so pick a platform which offers the most, not only in hosted voice but with UC&C and APIs building from the ground up. The sooner the leap is made, the quicker resellers will reap the rewards."

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