Wildix puts shoplifters in the frame with AI camera solution 

Wildix resellers operating in the retail sector can help stem the tide of shoplifting with the combination of AI camera capabilities and x-hoppers by Wildix, the retail headset system and in-store analytics solution, claims Wildix UK Country Manager Ian Rowan (pictured). 

The channel-only UC vendor has linked up with AI camera software provider Veesion in a five year partnership that aims to reduce theft by up to 60%.

The integrated AI camera monitoring software helps detect theft automatically by analysing and processing the images from each camera before assigning theft probabilities that trigger an audio alert through headsets or PA systems if a threshold is reached.

“Many companies are talking about AI and how it will change things in the future,” said Rowan. “Having this AI integrated into x-hoppers is not only going to help retailers but also provide more value to our partners.”
Baudouin Buguet, Head of Partnerships at Veesion, added: “The fight against shoplifting has entered a new era. Theft rising and some stores have to close because of it. 

"That’s why we developed an AI that automatically detects suspicious gestures of theft inside a store and helps retailers to reduce their shrinkage. 

"Our partnership with Wildix makes it easier for staff members and security guards to act quickly and prevent theft from happening.”

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