Maintel adopts Highlight cellular monitoring tool

Maintel has gained a deeper insight into its static cellular connections following a collaboration with Highlight.

The London-based service provider worked with Highlight to develop a platform, Cellular Clarity, that could turn 4G/5G backup networks into a true managed service.

Rob Smith, Product Manager for Security and Networking at Maintel said: “The launch of Cellular Clarity is perfectly timed with an increase of interest in Cellular services for remote workers.

“Cellular connections are a quick to install and affordable alternative to a remote workers home broadband, and now these connections can be shown in Highlight, alongside the customers SD-WAN estate and underlay network, the customer has a complete view of the service they’re taking from Maintel.”

Martin Saunders, Product Director at Highlight added: “4G/5G connections are incredibly easy to roll out, and there is a danger MSPs and business users will assume that ongoing management of those connections is similarly straightforward. It isn’t!”

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