Openreach announces Tranche 16 of Stop Sell locations

Openreach has named the next 84 new exchange locations, covering more than 880k premises, where it will halt the sale of traditional copper-based phone and broadband services.

The Stop Sell encourages people to upgrade to new digital services and is triggered when 75% of premises connected to a particular exchange can get ultrafast full fibre.

By the summer, Stop Sell rules will have been activated in more than 700 exchanges, meaning around six million premises will be under active Stop Sell.

James Lilley, Openreach’s Managed Customer Migrations Manager, said“As copper’s ability to support modern communications declines, the immediate focus is getting people onto newer, future proofed technologies.

“Our full fibre network is available to close to 14 million homes and businesses, with more than four million premises currently taking a service.”

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