Why carbon accountability is a ‘win win’ opportunity

Developing an effective environmental sustainability strategy has become a critical component in today’s evolving business world.

As well as caring for the planet it can also lead to bigger sales opportunities in a win-win scenario.

But choosing the right pathway to ‘go green’ can be a tricky process for some organisations and their workforces – to maximise impact and inspire, rather than restrict growth.

As a forward-thinking global collaboration provider, Evolve IP EMEA is determined to be a leader where sustainability is not just a force for global good, but a commercial differentiator that marks an enterprise out as culturally aware and socially responsible.

In today’s increasingly competitive world, companies must often prove their green credentials in order to win new business, including demonstrating that they partner with other organisations that share the same commitments and ethos.

As a channel, we already hold a ‘trump card’ since the technology we sell contributes massively to reducing emissions from travel and energy consumption. But clearly, we need to go much further and address the impact we all play throughout the supply chain, individually as well as collectively.

For technology providers and their partners, the opportunities to turn a strategic sustainability strategy into a win-win for both them and their customers are almost limitless. So how can you take bigger strides forward? Our EMEA division has just entered its second year of an ambitious programme aimed at carbon accountability.

Significant Value

We believe having a Corporate Carbon Footprint scheme is not only the responsible thing to do, it can also add significant value to your own brand and the brands of those organisations with which you partner – we are only just getting started but it already feels like we are making a difference.

As well as demonstrating our own green credentials, our programme also benefits our resellers by awarding them a certificate which shows they partner with an organisation committed to sustainability.

Internally, the programme has a lot of support. Colleagues at all levels want to help the environment and are happy that they now work for an organisation that takes the same view. It means the programme is also contributing positively to our workplace culture and has positive implications for talent acquisition and retention.

Evolve IP (EMEA) has also begun creating the next phase – offering its reselling partners and vendors access to our sustainability programme so they can benefit too. We are all part of the same journey!

Carbon Emissions

Evolve IP EMEA partners can take advantage of expert support from our climate action partners, and measure their own carbon emissions - taking the first steps in becoming carbon accountable.

We recognise, for some it’s a journey you may not have considered taking but it provides a host of key benefits – certification, brand value, and employee buy-in. We want to work with our partners for the good of everyone and the world we all live in.

To learn more about how Evolve IP (EMEA) is taking accountability for their emissions visit www. evolveip.net/en-gb/ sustainability Collaboration Lab

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