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Since its inception in 2014, Fidelity Energy has been a pioneer in helping channel partners succeed in the energy sector. Over the past decade, they have supported more than 746 partners in managing over 15,600 meters across £560 million of customer spend.

This October, Fidelity Energy proudly celebrates 10 years of excellence in assisting channel partners in cross-selling business energy procurement to their existing customer base. In an industry which has historically had low regulation, this has allowed for unscrupulous practises. Fidelity Energy has stood out by maintaining an honest and trustworthy approach, ensuring the highest quality of service for every customer which is reflected in one of the highest renewal rates in the industry.

Fidelity Energy continuously adapts to better serve its partners and their customers. The latest additions to their portfolio include a digital switching platform and flexible procurement products. These innovations are designed to help partners serve their customers more efficiently and effectively.

Managing Director John Haw emphasised, “We are always looking at ways to improve how we can support our partners to successfully sell energy to their base. We are already great at being hands on with customers and managing their energy procurement, but have now added additional ways to support customers at either end.

The digital switching platform is a game-changer for partners and will set you apart from your competitors. It empowers the customer who wishes to independently switch their business energy online, streamlining the process whilst we eliminate any dreaded cold calls. This platform is particularly advantageous for your SME customers, where our partners can acquire these by directing them to the online quoting platform, which leverages the benefits of Fidelity Energy’s custom-built energy portal. There are options to fit all our partners which range from sending a trackable link to the online switching site to an energy website.

For energy-intensive industries consuming high levels of gas and power, we now have a flexible procurement option available. Fidelity Energy has introduced a flexible basket framework for customers consuming over 1 GWh combined on their Half-Hourly meters. This allows customers to achieve a hedged strategy and by only purchasing a percentage of the energy on day 1, there is the option to locking in lower rates if the market decreases.

The team at Fidelity Energy will handle all the hard work, allowing partners to benefit from these low-touch products. This enables our partners to generate an additional revenue stream and reach new sections of your customer base with energy, while still providing the same high level of service.”

Fidelity Energy is committed to driving the net-zero initiative, offering partners a range of sustainable options to help their customers become more environmentally conscious. These options include installing EV charging points, Solar PV panels, and Voltage Optimisation systems to lower energy consumption. This not only supports the journey to net-zero but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing environmentally friendly solutions.

Channel partners can meet John Haw and Sales Director Sean Dixon at Margin 2024. This event is an excellent opportunity to gain insights into how Fidelity Energy can help you support your existing customer base more effectively and address the energy management challenges faced by small, medium, and large customers.

For more information, please email John Haw, Managing Director, Fidelity Energy

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