PromptVoice monetises a new market for all channel players

Anthony BuxtonChannel players offering bespoke prompts, in-queue and on-hold audio are realising a huge opportunity to secure additional margin. PromptVoice’s game changing re-think of the way these solutions are delivered transform it into a high margin revenue driver for all.

Over the last two years, call volumes have increased to many SMEs, and contact centre queues have grown in length. Growth in AI, chatbots, and online self-service options have frequently triggered predictions of the demise of the inbound phone call - but call volumes are staying strong. Customers still want to speak to a real person, and it’s in this interaction that resellers offering bespoke prompts, in-queue and on-hold audio are realising a huge opportunity to boost their margins.

Providing the tools that enable end users to get professional in-queue and on-hold audio recordings right is as important as supplying the right telephony and UC infrastructure. Few telecom resellers currently offer this vital final piece of the jigsaw, but the chance to plug this gap with a revenue driving solution has never been more available.

Why haven’t telecoms resellers traditionally offered in-queue and on-hold audio recordings?

Historically, providing these services was a lot of hassle, and rarely produced more than minimal return. Therefore, viably supporting end users with professional, instant recordings at a low price point, and which are simple to implement has not previously been achievable. Until now, lack of development has meant it’s fallen to resellers’ technical teams, who have no knowledge of script writing or voice recording, to provide this. Therefore, some resellers have understandably recommended their customers source recordings from a third party, forcing them to leave margin on the table for another supplier to grab.

How does PromptVoice open the opportunity for resellers?

With the move to cloud-based telephony, PromptVoice saw the need to completely re-invent the way prompts, in-queue and on-hold audio are delivered as a channel first proposition. PromptVoice Portal is specifically designed to enable resellers to scoop up the margin they’ve previously had to leave behind. This highly disruptive solution offers outstanding functionality, with straight-forward processes and simple pricing, all delivered through a secure, white-label portal that’s fully owned by the reseller but operated by the end user.

What PromptVoice offers resellers today is radically new

Resellers have full ownership of their portal, with branding opportunities throughout, and end-user pricing is approximately 70% lower than current market rates for similar audio services. PromptVoice transforms bespoke in-queue and on-hold audio into a key communication tool and revenue driver – whether users want to harness its full potential as an audio marketing channel or use it to provide outstanding customer service with bespoke IVRs and intelligent comfort messaging played to queuing callers.

Of course, two critical aspects of any channel solution are its ability to generate monthly recurring revenue, and the support services that underpin it. PromptVoice is 100% channel focused, meaning the solution is sold on a monthly recurring revenue model, and is offered with uncapped margins and an extensive white label sales and marketing toolkit. In the past eighteen months, PromptVoice has invested significantly in ensuring its support services are as efficient as possible for both resellers and their end users. Last month’s Comms National Awards saw PromptVoice shortlisted for Best Business Support Service.

A major new release, transforming channel opportunities

Innovation and development are truly at the heart of PromptVoice’s operation and the latest version release introduces a wealth of new tools and benefits. In this release, the channel can expect to see:

A Freemium model with intuitive customer-initiated upgrades:

The all-new Freemium model offers everything you’d expect to see from a classic Freemium proposition – the ability to give all customers access to basic functionality, free of charge, and then upgrade them through the paid subscription packages that generate healthy margin increases.

But PromptVoice has taken it one step further with new, inbuilt smart upgrade paths that let customers initiate their own upgrades whilst resellers sit back and watch their revenue streams grow. This intuitive new functionality encourages users to upgrade through the subscription levels to gain access to more advanced functionality. Resellers see their margin growing automatically, and save the time and headache normally associated with upselling different subscription levels.

Simplified pricing, new packages:

Naturally, the freemium proposition is bundled with new, simplified pricing, as well as two entirely new packages. Simplifications give resellers and end users access to more functionality as standard and enhance service quality guarantees. Caps on the number of seats and simultaneous calls have been removed from all packages, maximising flexibility, and scalability. The two newly added plans, Premium+ for streaming customers, and Pro for download customers, mean there’s a PromptVoice subscription plan available to suit any type of customer – from micro-SME to the largest enterprise.

New Text-to-Speech and professional voices:

In addition to new and improved commercials, this release is packed with hundreds more on-hold message recordings and templates, all available within the subscription plans. Plus, over a hundred new voices have been added, including professional voice artists and the latest text to speech characters from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. This revolutionary new version release certainly makes PromptVoice a very attractive partner for any channel business looking to expand their telephony portfolio and capitalise on even more opportunities.

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