Nuvias UC and Logitech put focus on the channel

Joining forces with workspace specialist opens up new VC opportunities for reseller partners

Nuvias UC partners have gained access to an expanded UC&C stack following a linkup between the distributor and Logitech. The Swiss vendor’s business portfolio of video conferencing solutions will help Nuvias UC’s partners leverage the opportunities presented by hybrid working, and the growing demand the pandemic has created for a seamless video conferencing (VC) experience.

Headshot of Jeremy Keefe, NuviusComms Dealer spoke to Nuvias CEO Jeremy Keefe and Logitech VC Channel Account Manager Matt Lucas, to understand how their joint video conferencing offering could lead to rich pickings for channel partners.

Q. What is the channel opportunity for those looking to onboard Logitech through Nuvias UC?

A. “The market is growing quarter on quarter as people embrace video technology and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend,” said Logitech’s Matt Lucas.

“We are helping partners capitalise on this opportunity, regardless of their level of VC expertise, by offering simplicity. Partners can roll out our range and engage with us and Nuvias UC with ease.

“We are here to help at every step of adoption, from training, product knowledge, marketing, and utilising new VCs, to pre and post sales expertise that will help partners sell the solutions and most importantly make money,” he continued.


“We want people to walk into a room, use our solutions, and get on with their lives without technology getting in the way. Simplicity is the design ethos behind the whole range,” said Lucas.

Keefe added: “Being on a single vendor platform in an office will soon no longer be a reality, people will have a choice of how to communicate. We work with a wide range of vendors to offer a very simple solution, orientated for our channel partners, that they can take to market tomorrow.”

Q. What makes Nuvias UC’s Logitech offering unique?

A. “At Nuvias UC we are focussed on being a solution-based distributor that enables its channel community to go to market. Logitech were looking for a partner which does not follow a broadline ‘one size fits all’ approach and we fit that mould for them very well,” said Keefe.


“We have a pre-sales team that has come from the industry, which means they understand the complexities and how to simplify them. This places them perfectly to help channel partners put leading solutions together.

“We also offer install services that will support our channel community when they need it. We are not looking to take that away from them, but to add resources that will beef up their offering.

Maintenance and support services are available thereafter,” added Keefe.

Q. How does Logitech complement Nuvias UC’s existing portfolio?

A. Keefe continued: “Logitech’s solutions-led portfolio aligns with our focus on providing the channel with an end-to-end  experience. We can now provide a wider range of room solutions, due to Logitech  complementing our existing Poly offering.”

“Logitech’s interoperability with our other vendors – such as Pexip and Zoom – and their compatibility with Microsoft Teams, will create a wealth of new opportunities for our partners.


“One of the key skills in this industry is being able to choose the right vendor for the right situation. Logitech provides key elements of the solution, which we can combine with our other vendors to make up  ecopartnerships for our partners to go and put a complete solution together.”

Q. What encouraged Logitech to onboard  Nuvias UC as a trusted distribution partner?

A. “Nuvias UC is seen as a safe pair of hands amongst the VC and UC community,” said Lucas. “The compatibility of Logitech and many other vendors, including Nuvias UC, allows us to serve a wider range of customers and meet a vast number of challenges.”

Keefe said: “Our Zoom relationship was also appealing to Logitech. We picked up a Master Agent and Wholesale agreement for Europe this year and Logitech saw it as an opportunity to move into markets that they were not previously in. “Zoom flourished in the pandemic as people could just download it onto their device, but as employees return to the offices, its focus will move to enterprise licensing, which means companies need the right solution in the office to enable simple use.”

Q. Are there any specific verticals that are demanding a higher quality of VC equipment

A. Lucas said: “The demand for higher quality video conferencing experiences is universal across any business. Early in the pandemic, a lot of businesses jumped to buy the first solutions they could get their hands on that were cheap and many have regretted this decision and have now upgraded to solutions that meet their needs.

“Everyone wants a good camera experience. When you are talking to someone pixelated, it can be tiring, just like talking to someone with a bad audio connection. It forces you to work harder just to focus.”


“There is a big health and wellbeing side to this as well,” said Lucas. “On a high-quality call, you can see if someone is struggling and tell if they are not engaged. For example, we started this call by comparing the guitars in the background of our rooms. With bad video they would just be blurred shapes, so it allows for a human element and the sort of engagement you cannot have with low quality equipment,” he added.

Q. Are there ‘easy sell’ opportunities for resellers out there?

A.Keefe said: “Logitech offers a range of products that are either plug and play such as USB devices, or a suite of room-based devices that require some form of screen to drive them.


“It is so easy today to buy VC for a small office, that is why so many channel partners are getting involved in this. It is very easy for people to get involved in this opportunity.

“There are no hoops to jump through. If a reseller wants to get involved with this, just pick up the phone to Nuvias UC and we can arrange some training, enablement and talk to marketing departments to drive some  lead generation,” he concluded.

Partnership widens hybrid working offering

Headshot of Matt Lucas, LogitechA compelling VC offering must provide the same seamless experience indiscriminate of location, and this is particularly potent in the dawn of hybrid working.

“Over the course of the pandemic, businesses have been opening up budget to help homeworkers kit out their home offices with quality VC equipment,” said Logitech’s Matt Lucas.

“Now that employees are venturing back into offices, they will expect a superior VC experience to their home set up, and companies will need to provide this if they want to encourage staff back in.”

Lucas emphasised that the partnership widens Nuvias UC’s remote working and return to work offering into a full hybrid-working suite. He added: “The Logitech offering means that partners can help business leaders create a connected VC experience for their employees that is easy to adjust as they swap between the office and home environment.”

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